[Mukbang] GIANT KING LOBSTER 6.5KG  Eatingsound ASMR Ssoyoung

[Mukbang] GIANT KING LOBSTER 6.5KG Eatingsound ASMR Ssoyoung Public


1 month
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A giant lobster has come! It's about 6.5 kg!!
It's just amazing.. seriously..
A claw is bigger than my face.
Is this for real?
Today I did not eat breakfast to enjoy eating this lobster so I'm very excited now. Please understand me for being overreacted.
I also tried a fire chicken noodle with lobster meats in it.
Please watch it until the end.

대왕랍스터가 왔어요!!! 자그마치 6.5KG!!!!
대박입니다 진짜..
집게발한쪽이 제얼굴보다 커요.
오늘 랍스터맛있게먹으려고
아침부터 굶고 먹었더니, 많이 흥분했어요..이해부탁드려요ㅋㅋ
랍스터넣은 불닭볶음면으로 마무리까지~~~끝까지 지켜봐주세요♡

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