12 Facts About Famous Logos You Didnt Know

12 Facts About Famous Logos You Didnt Know Public


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Do you know, why the apple in the Apple logo is bitten but not whole? What do the colors in the BMW logo symbolize?
We found 12 stories that uncover and explain little secrets of logos we all know very well.

Amazon 0:49
Ferrari 1:21
Apple 1:52
Wikipedia 2:26
BMW 3:05
Pinterest 3:29
Nike 3:47
Lacoste 4:22
Starbucks 4:57
Pepsi 5:23
McDonald’s 5:55
Metro Goldwyn Mayer 6:40

- Have noticed the arrow that connects A with Z? Yes, it does look like a smile, but it also shows that Amazon sells everything from A to Z.
- In his biography, Enzo Ferrari mentions that the horse silhouette was initially painted on the plane of a famous Italian ace pilot Francesco Baracca. Enzo met Francesco’s mother who asked him to put the horse on his cars for good luck. Enzo agreed and added the canary yellow background.
- Designer Rob Janoff says that he chose a bitten apple to show its dimensions. You see, a whole apple can be confused with any other round-shaped fruit.
- The logo is incomplete, which indicates the very essence of the Wikipedia project: the encyclopedia is incomplete, and it's constantly being updated. And anyone, no matter what their language is, can make a contribution.
- BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Work, and the logo was simply created from the national colors of Bavaria (which are obviously blue and white).
- If you take a closer look the letter «P», you’ll notice that it looks a lot like a pin. So, Pinterest quite literally pins photos but does it digitally.
- The logo, which many people simply call «The Swoosh» symbolizes motion and speed. It is often associated with a wing of Nike, a Greek goddess of Victory.
- In 1923, René Lacoste, a French tennis player, was walking down the street with the captain of his team, Alan Moore, and noticed a crocodile skin suitcase in one of the shop windows. Lacoste and Moore made a bet that if René won the next game, Alan would buy him that suitcase.
- In the beginning, Starbucks was a small coffee shop in Seattle. The founders wanted to make a logo that would somehow represent the seafaring history of the city. They created a logo with a topless mermaid holding two tails. Later when the company expanded they had to censor the logo, so now her breasts are covered by her long hair.
- The agency that Pepsi hired to develop the latest logo explained that it represented the theory of relativity, feng shui, geodynamics and many-many more.
- In 1962 McDonald’s hired Louis Cheskin to develop a new logo for the company. His idea was to replace the Speedee the Cook logo with golden arches, making an «M» that we know very well today. He explained that such a shape resembles female breasts, and makes you hungry.
- Dozens of poor lions were tortured before the creators got a perfect shot. How could they do such a terrible thing?
This is what you could think if you saw this fake picture that is now on the Internet. That is definitely NOT how Metro Goldwyn Mayer made their famous logo. In fact, seven different lions were properly tamed and trained to roar on cue. Don’t believe the Web. No lions were harmed.

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